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About iBought

iBought is a Perth-based E-commerce platform, We focus on seeking better suppliers. sharing better shopping deals and feedback. Everyone is welcome to share their deals on iBought.

Why we built this platform

  • Australian online sellers are paying around 8%~14% fees (for platform and payment gateway fees) on third-party platforms. All these costs are finally afforded by customers.
  • Small business running their own E-commerce team cost too much.
  • Many product prices in Australia are much higher than overseas.

We are the outsourced e-commerce department for sellers, we are the deals picker for buyers.

  • Built for buyers
    Nearly all the shopping websites are built and paid by sellers, so they service for sellers and stands for the sellers’ side. They know where and how to get products cheaper, but they would not share their info. But when you ask your friends for suggestions about buying something. they will be happy to be sharing, so this is the difference, buyers need a platform as well.
  • All deals are replaceable
  • Cross-Border Shopping ideas
  • What is a Referrer?
  • How does a Referrer make profits?